Scribbling, if I may say so….

Memories are rosier than reality, as said. We as human beings often tend to hover… Read More

সমাজ আৰু মই – A tangled life.

সপোনৰ ডেউকা মেলিব বিচাৰো মই মুকলি আকাশৰ তলত টাকুৰি ঘূৰি নাচিব বিচাৰো মই...... Continue Reading Read More

ऐसे भी दिन जिए हैं मैंने

The poem is about about the struggles that a person faces to succeed in his… Read More

Musing- a flight of emotions.

Musing is a poem on the flicker of the human mind and various emotions that… Read More

इब्रात (SPIRIT)

आज की शाम में कुछ अलग सा लुफ्तफा था- Ibrat is a very casual poem… Read More


Sitting on the edge of the cliff with his eyes gazing above on the starry… Read More

उतार फ़ेंक दो- A poem on society’s hypocrisy towards women.

अब और न सह पाऊँगी मैं क्या तुम्हे दया नहीं आती? Continue Reading Read More