The Search for Absolute Freedom


The Search for Absolute Freedom

Sitting on the edge of the cliff with his eyes gazing above on the starry universe, his inner soul gets wet with divine joyous tears just to feel the fact that he is a part of that vast majestic mystic shining existence. And he peeks down below and can see the city in silence with bright blocks of lights stacked above one another, flocks of humans running across the street, children playing in the distance just to realize how infinitesimally small each activity and things feel when compared to the grandness he witnessed above. He now wants to meet the angel of freedom, absolute freedom and wishes that some sort of spaceship shall carry him there though it seems impossible. Slowly with the bright visions of the vastness, his eyes close down and lift him from the cliff, then to the space and to the stars leaving behind his mortal shell.

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The idea of absolute freedom seems to be vague to me. As freedom cannot be measured in degree but can only be realized on comparative terms, the idea becomes subjective. Our outward material existence can never attain absolute freedom and trying to do so shall result in chaos and conflict with other people’s ideas of freedom. Hence, restrictions which are a summation of all those conflicting domains are imposed leaving behind only those freedoms which do not infringe on other people’s freedom. Freedom as such can be thought of in its absolute state but can never be practised in its absoluteness.

            On the contrary, a deep reflection on the inner soul perhaps gives a ray of hope that such a state can truly be achieved. I had a firm belief that what becomes of a human being is a result of circumstances and environments through which he has been exposed and there is no escape from that. But gradually it became clear that a person is also influenced by how his inner core is coping with circumstances and environment.

       We perceive every idea, thoughts, thing and beings through our eyes and minds by means of sensation and a feeling that can only be seen through ourselves. We may actually never know the elements in their entirety or it may be different in the eyes of another human. The idea of every essential element like happiness, sorrow, suffering, excitement etc. in outward material existence is the comparative and hence absolute state cannot be achieved. But in the inner spiritual world, these may attain an absolute state as inner happiness, sorrows and all are practices that can only be perceived if we open bare our bodily existence.

There is always an objective representation of an idea, feelings, emotions etc. In modern civilization, every idea or feeling is mostly represented by an object or thing. Hence the ideas, feelings, emotions etc like objects become comparative. Considering the vastness of material existence in this world, the domain of comparison becomes larger and larger.

            A well-built cottage in some parts of the world may be an objective representation of well-being, success, luxury, happiness etc. Similarly, a massive bungalow in another part of the urban world may reflect the same. The environment, surroundings and circumstances around these two contrasting living blocks throw upon a state of objective comparison in the eyes of the inhabitants. To a comparative degree, it is based on the benchmark of an existing housing block surrounding the idea of how success, happiness etc. is perceived. Though the building blocks may be of huge contrast a study on the inhabitants will show that the fulfilment of purpose does not differ greatly from their objective representation. Ironically the sensation of happiness may be more in the cottage blocks as the degree of comparison is limited in that surroundings. Whereas the comparative element in that urban space is changing frequently, going into the vastness. In both cases there is never a state of absoluteness in freedom of happiness, suffering, emotion and ideas precede objects or things.

            In our journey towards absoluteness, it is perfectly clear that the outer bodily existence can only attain and cherish certain freedoms bestowed upon them by the authority through a careful study of conflicts of interest. Now for a human being to attain absolute freedom the doors of the inner spiritual world have to be opened.

            To realize what absolute freedom may look like it shall be necessary to create a situation where a human being is robbed of all his freedoms for an indefinite time such that now his only aim will be to survive; a state of primitive existence and survival where he has to fight for his hunger. An originally primitive man shall survive, learn and adapt to the situation and shall carry on. But a modern man will soon get tired out and attain a state of shock. For the latter, the idea of a future and hope plays a vital role in survival and their very absence will make his present existence meaningless. Thus, his inner self will die before his outward existence.

            In conditions as such, the only escape will be shedding his bodily existence and flowing ahead through his inner conscious and spirit. A contemplation of the actual soul of happiness and suffering has been in existence for eternity. But in course of time, it separated from man’s soul by constantly assigning them a value derived from objects. Now, through his inner world, an illuminated man does not need any material representation of any emotion. Thus diminishing material competition, he can now directly touch the souls of happiness, suffering, excitement, grief, madness, trance etc. His life now transforms into a purpose where he questions his existence, finds answers to them, creates meaning and discovers freedom through his newly created meanings, virtues and consciousness.

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