6 Unique Places to visit in India

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India is a country blessed with diverse topography and culture. From the Northeastern region of India to the southern state of Kerala, the landscapes allure you to have a beautiful experience during your travels.

If you are planning to visit India, here are 6 unique places to visit in India.

6 Unique Places to Visit in India
At Mawsmai Cave, Sohra, Meghalaya.

6 unique Places to Visit in India

1. Lake Tsomgo, Sikkim – Be mesmerized by the Himalayan Landscapes

It is one of the nicest spots to visit in Northeast India, and the winding roads that take you there are ethereally gorgeous. The lake is at such an elevation that it displays its tranquillity in the most surreal circumstances with Himalayan hills surrounding it. As the snow melts from the mountains, it is the main supply of water for the lake. 

When visiting Tsomgo, don’t forget to learn about the legends associated with this serene lake. In the winter, the view becomes more magical when the snow covers the lake. The peace and the magical view attract a number of tourists to Sikkim from across the globe. 

2. Nuranang Falls in Arunachal Pradesh – Embrace the mist of the waterfall.

Nuranang Falls is a stunning waterfall tucked away amidst the hills near the Himalayan town of Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.  It is located at about 6000ft above sea level. As the waterfall is situated near Jang town, it is also popularly known as Jang Waterfall. 

Embrace the mist of the magnificent and mighty Nuranang Falls during your visit. Jang Waterfall should definitely be included in your Northeast India Tour packages

3. Mawsmai Cave, Meghalaya – Be fascinated with its shape & ambience. 

Mawsmai Cave is one of the many caves in Meghalaya that tourists are allowed to visit. Because of years of abrasion and exposure to underground water, the stalactites and stalagmites in this natural wonder have been carved out into a variety of structures that will astound you.  

Mawsmai Cave is lit up for tourists to pass through from one side to another. The cave is located about 4 km from Sohra (Cherrapunji) town. 

4. Munnar, Kerala – Soothe your mind with Enchanting Tea gardens views.

Visit Munnar’s tea gardens and take away a beautiful memory. The lush tea plantations of Munnar, are the most well-liked honeymoon locations in Kerala.  Bathed in the combination of white mist and sunshine at sunrise, the place becomes more mesmerizing. The view is more beautiful when local women prepare to gather fresh tea leaves. Time stops when you step outside into the tea gardens-covered mountains.

While strolling through magnificent gardens with greenery all around, visitors can take pictures. The star of the show here is the vibrant green tea gardens in the centre of Munnar. The aroma of the tea, accented by birdcalls, and the breathtaking view with an enthralling vista of major tourist destinations including Echo Point and waterfalls, each have their own uniqueness.

5. Kumarakom, Kerala: Enjoy Backwater Houseboat Cruise.

In the backwaters of Alleppey or Kumarakom, Kerala still has many of its original canals. For up-close views of lush rice terraces and lush coconut trees, take a ride through Kumarakom’s backwaters.

During your Kerala tour, Kumarakom can be a better choice than Alleppey. The backwaters in Kumarakom are larger. Kumarakom is a relatively offbeat backwater destination in Kerala. You can also visit the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary after your ride in the backwaters.

If you intend to visit Kerala’s backwaters, consider renting a houseboat from August to February. During this time, a lot of tourists are attracted to visit the city to enjoy the houseboat experience in the mid of the lake. 

6. Kovalam, Kerala – Walk alongside the Rocky Promenade with views of the Arabian Sea

The rocky shores of Kovalam Beach look like they belong in a romantic Mills and Boon novel. Here, a sizable outcropping of rock on the beach has carved out a harbour with calm seas that are perfect for swimming.

Visitors can stroll through hills along the seashore, visit unusual cliff tops and fishing communities, or take in a traditional performance. Climb the cliff to see the Kovalam lighthouse, which has a view of both the Arabian Sea and the Kovalam beach.


To sum up, irrespective of your age, you will always have fun travelling. Travel aids individuals in developing a deeper comprehension of themselves, their ideas, and their life. 

Travelling to unique places gifts you a unique experience. Plan your trip to Northeast India starting from Sikkim by going to Tsongmo Lake. Next, you can visit Meghalaya, followed by Arunachal Pradesh. 

Kerala is blessed with both hills and beaches. Enjoy the misty Munnar tea gardens, and the Kerala backwaters at Kumarakom, or go on a peaceful walk by the beaches of Kovalam. Each of these places is worth the visit. 

Northeast to South – every region of India is unique. Don’t you agree?

Have you added them to your list of unique places to visit in India?


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