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Pronam, Namaskar & Kardom! 🙏

A travel Blogger based in Assam, India, The Gypsy Chiring is Joydeep Phukan. The word “Gypsy” (“যাযাবৰ” in the Assamese language) means nomad. While Chiring is the term signifying my lineage of Ahom roots. The logo of The Gypsy Chiring starts with the letter and of the Assamese alphabets. Kardom refers to greetings in Karbi dialect of Assam. This travel blog is my way of representing my love for travel, culture and nature.

The website is a fusion of stories on travel, adventure, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, cultures and nature, thoughts, poetry, and life as a whole.

I intend to promote the less-explored and off-beat destinations of Northeast India. Expressing authentic moments with nature, places and culture is my passion. I also share travel guides and travel tips of such destinations in Northeast India and the world. Welcome to the plethora of thrilling experiences and soothing stories.

It is also a platform for enthusiast writers and travel bloggers to get their work published, thereby developing together through collaborations.

Northeast India is pristine in regard to its ethnic diversity, nature-human relationship and art forms. The Gypsy Chiring is my platform to know, learn, understand and promote the essence of Northeast India through an emic perspective.

What I do? (freelancing)

  • Travel Writing.
  • Social Media Management
  • Typing

In case, you want to say hi or discuss travel and collaborations, greet me at “[email protected]



I am one of the winners of the August Writing Contest, 2021 Organised by Meghalaya Tourism.

The Theme: Lessons on Independence from Solo Travelling

I wrote how Solo Travelling is the Architect of my Growth. I shared how it shaped my personality and has been helping me grow both personally and professionally.

Article on ‘HORIZON’ of The Assam Tribune: Conquering Mount Saramati.

Saramati peak trek, The Gypsy Chiring

Read the full article on Mount Saramati- the highest peak of Nagaland here.



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