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Pronam, Namaskar & Kardom!

A travel Blogger based in Assam of Northeast India, Joydeep Phukan is the creator of “The Gypsy Chiring

The word “Gypsy” (“যাযাবৰ” in the Assamese language) means nomad. Chiring – the ancestral surname signifies my lineage of Ahom roots.

The logo of The Gypsy Chiring starts with the letters জ and চ of the Assamese alphabet. Kardom refers to greetings in the Karbi dialect of Assam.

This travel blog represents my love for travel, culture and adventure of our beautiful country – India.

Being from the Northeastern region of India, I have learned that people from other regions are unaware of our cultures, fascinating landscapes and the diversity of Northeast India.

The term “Cultural Relativism” in Anthropology says that we should not view or judge a culture or a cultural attribute based on our cultural practices. We must rather understand other cultures based on their cultural context, more so through a local perspective.

The Gypsy Chiring is my way to represent India’s diversity especially Northeast India ethically and authentically.

Do you have queries about your trip to India, especially Northeast India? Do you love adventure travel?

If Yes, The Gypsy Chiring travel blog is your source for tips and soothing stories on travel, adventure and culture of India & Northeast.

Apart from Northeast India, you will also find articles about other parts of India and around the globe; regarding travel tips such as travel essentials, camping tips and blogging.

I intend to share, write and promote the less-explored and off-beat destinations of India & its northeastern states.

Expressing authentic moments with nature, places and culture is my passion.

Northeast India is pristine regarding its ethnic diversity, nature-human relationship and art forms.

The Gypsy Chiring is my platform to know, learn, understand and promote the essence of India & Northeast India to the world through a local perspective.

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