Dzukou Valley in Pictures | Story of 4 Backpackers in Nagaland.

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Continued from Dzukou Valley Trek via Jakhama, Nagaland.

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You will definitely love it as I have shared the most precious moments experienced at the valley- right from love to magical clouds flowing into the valley.

Dzukou Valley, Nagaland
My favourite Dzukou Valley Picture of our trip in 2019


Our first day at Dzukou Valley Nagaland was a rain-filled day. We went down the valley only in the afternoon when the rain stopped.

Dzukou Valley Campsite, Nagakand
The valley is ready to shine.

The clouds showed only a little glimpse of blue sky. The murky sky covered the majority of the time of the day.

Dzukou Valley in Pictures
Concealed peaks and the lush green valley

Ah! What a majestic scenery of Dzukou Valley. We gotta say, the rain that day was a blessing too. The hills touching the peaks are like the sky kissing the hills. This view can be experienced between the campsite area and the helipad.


Dzukou Valley Flowers, Dzukou Lily in Nagaland
Dzukou Lily

Dzukou lily – one of its kind is found only in Dzukou Valley, Nagaland. We were lucky to have visited the valley at the right time. ( June 2019)

Dzukou Lily flower at Dzukou Valley, Nagaland.
The rain-kissed Dzukou Lily

One needs pure perspective to capture precise moments. Karan- another hiker from Guwahati, whom we met at Dzukou clicked the beautiful Dzukou lilies blossoming with droplets of rain that day.

Here’s a video where I eternally established my bond and my love for Hunmanu (my partner) in the presence of heavenly Mother Nature at the Dzukoy Valley –


The next day was a blessing. Though it was cloudy initially, by noon the sun cleared. The valley showed its true colours.

Dzukou river in Dzukou Valley nagaland
The stream with stories.

We dived into the stream. It was chilling cold with a sense of healing sensations. While Joseph was away capturing every single angle of the valley, we had our best baths.

Dzukou Valley Nagaland

We sat by the bank and sometimes on this wooden log with our feet immersed into the cold waters of the stream. It was refreshing.

Dzukou Valley Nagaland

We then sat on this rock, which everyone mostly refers to as a cave. Before, trekkers were allowed to camp beside the cave, but due to over-camping, a definite campsite was built at the top of a hill surrounded by higher peaks and near a water source.

Dzukou Valley nagaland

The sheer joy of watching the valley turn green, blue, yellow and white from atop the cave. If are in the valley, don’t miss the moment alone or with friends who appreciate nature for its true charm.

Dzukou Valley Nagaland

The photo above is more enchanting in real. Dzukou Valley in monsoon blossoms with yellow, white and pink flowers.

Dzukou Valley Nagaland

Abhijeet had the best of this time lying atop with sounds of nature and his retro songs. Such an amazing soul!

Dzukou Valley Nagaland

Here’s a panorama I captured on my Redmi Note 5 phone. My heart was full of contentment to have captured this photo. You could see Abhijeet to the left. I bet, no one can resist but lie there and embrace the valley as it is.

photos of dzukou valley, nagaland
Ecstatic Valley, Ecstatic us!

This photo is however captured by Joseph with his DSLR. The hills are exactly opposite of the hills in the previous panoramic photo. While I stood on the left, Karan was descending from the rock. If looked closely, you can see the campsite in the middle of the photo between the two hills.

photos of dzukou valley

Another scenic capture by Joseph from the top of the cave.

photos of dzukou valley

We marched through the muddy trail a little ahead of the cave to explore something new.

photos of dzukou valley

That’s the cave that gifted us the panoramic beauty of Dzukou Valley.

dzukou valley flowers

We reached a hillock full of white and yellow flowers. A strange sound of an animal called us to this point. The sound actually was from the hills ahead. The river stream was in between us and the creature.

Dzukou Valley in Nagaland

Have you hiked to this point? This was unexpected to us. It was the best part of the entire trip.

Opposite to what is in the previous photo, this view towards Mt. Iso is a sight to see. Don’t miss it on your next visit.

Dzukou Valley Nagaland
A day filled with cosmic moments.

And the 4 Backpacking souls headed back to the campsite.

The next day was an adventurous one too. We took our time and bid goodbye to Dzukou only by noon.

Thanking the valley for the soulful moments. In the frame Abhijeet and me

I can conclude that our first backpacking trip to Nagaland was a successful one. Being nature lovers, we experienced everything our souls yearned for.

Bidding adieu to the valley of love.

We started our trek back to Jakhama.

The journey back to the plains through the valley.


The Jakhama Weather favoured us. We took a little rest at the top of the hill before heading down to the forest leading to Jakhama Village.

The Jakhama weather at the top is peaceful.

“The wind blew dancing with the trees, and a few birds chirped,

Oh, Dzukou you gifted us the much-needed peace!”

These photos of Dzukou Valley in Nagaland are my favourite. I hope you enjoyed the read. Do not forget to read the actual article at Tourgenie’s website ( link- at the beginning).


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