Things to do in Dimapur of Nagaland in One Day

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Are you looking for tips on things to do in Dimapur, Nagaland? You are at the right place.

This article is based on my experience exploring Dimapur in January 2022.

Most of my visits to Dimapur before were limited to short stops on my way to Kohima.

I finally explored Dimapur after returning from a week-long trip covering Kapamodzu Peak, Kigwema, and trekking to Dzukou Valley and Mt. Tempfii.

I explored Dimapur with my long-distance childhood friend Sammy Yaden Lushai. He is from Mizoram and was working in Dimapur during my visit.

It was the first time meeting him properly since childhood. We used to send greeting cards via India Post wishing each other Christmas, New Year and Birthdays.

After spending my Birthday in Dzukou Valley, I headed to Dimapur to stay in Sammy’s place on the 4th of January, 2022. I was fortunate enough to meet his Mom and cousins. Having lost my mother six months ago (July 2021), I felt blessed to meet her and when she gifted me a pickle made by her.

Before I share the things to do in Dimapur, let’s know about Dimapur first.

About Dimapur

Before 2021, Dimapur was the largest district of Nagaland. Two new districts were newly formed out of Dimapur – Chümoukedima District & Niuland District.

Dimapur is situated on the banks of River Dhansiri. The present-day Dimapur district shares its border with the Chümoukedima district of Nagaland and the Karbi Anglong and Golaghat districts of Assam.

The etymology of the name Dimapur is in the Dimasa dialect. Di means water, ma refers to big or large and pur means city. Dimapur, therefore, is a city near the great river.

Things to do in Dimapur Nagaland - Visit the Kachari Ruins - The Gypsy Chiring
The remnants of Dimasa Kachari Kingdom in Dimapur.

The population of Dimapur is a heterogeneous mixture. People belonging to different Naga ethnic groups of Nagaland live here. As the town is a business hub of the state and neighbours Assam, people from other communities who are not Nagas also live in Dimapur.

Dimapur serves as the gateway to the state of Nagaland & Manipur. The National Highway 29 starts from Doboka in Assam, passes through Dimapur via Kohima of Nagaland and ends in Jessami of Manipur.

Dimapur was the capital of the Dimasa Kingdom until 1526 A.D. when the Ahom king Suhungmung conquered Dimapur.

Things to do in Dimapur in One Day

Based on the places I visited in one day on the 5th of January, 2022. Here’s a list of things to do in Dimapur in One day –

1. Things to Buy in Dimapur – Shopping in Dimapur

After breakfast at Sammy’s place, we headed to the main Dimapur town to buy a few traditional attires.

Dimapur is known as a shopping hub. You can buy good quality clothes at a cheaper price.

I was more interested in buying traditional Naga clothing and necklaces. I would highly suggest traditional clothing or mementoes to add to your list of things to buy in Dimapur.

We visited a number of local shops that sell cultural dresses. We eventually chose a shop named “Traditional Handicraft” at Notun Basti & Naga Shopping Arcade (S.B. 23).

Things to buy in Dimapur - Traditonal Handicraft Shop in Notun Basti Dimapur, Nagaland..webp
You can visit this shop or contact them directly.
Things to Buy in Dimapur - Traditional Handicraft Shop in Dimapur Nagaland - By The Gypsy Chiring
Ample choices of diversity, isn’t it?

I bought a Naga Shawl for my father, a Naga necklace for my sister and a traditional Naga Waistcoat for myself.

Buy Naga Shawl in Dimapur - The Gypsy Chiring
The Naga Shawl I bought that day.
Buy Naga Traditional Waist Coat in Dimapur Nagaland - The Gypsy Chiring
You can buy this Naga Waist Coat in the Traditional Handicraft Shop.

Apart from traditional ornaments, and dresses, you can go shopping in Dimapur for contemporary clothes and winter clothes at the Wednesday Market and Hongkong Market.

2. Places to Eat in Dimapur

The Garden

What I loved the most about “The Garden” restaurant was the location and of course the food. It has a tree house and stairs to climb there.

The Garden is an open-space restaurant beautifully decorated with different plants and sitting tables.

Places to eat in Dimapur - A photo of The Gypsy Chiring at Garden restaurnat
At “The Garden” Restaurant with Sammy in Dimapur.

You can try local dishes as well as Momo and other Chinese food. The restaurant also provides wifi.

Ethnic Table.

The Ethnic Table is located near Faith Hospital, Old Sewak Road, Zeliangrong colony in Dimapur.

It is known for its delicious Indigenous Naga Cuisines. Add the restaurant to your list of places to eat in Dimapur.

Naga Bowl Express

The Naga Bowl Express restaurant is located opposite Hotel Saramati in the Super Market area of Dimapur, Nagaland.

It is an award-winning traditional Naga cuisine and Pan Asian restaurant.

3. Visit the Tourist Places in Dimapur

Kachari Ruins – The History of the Kachari Kingdom

The Kachari Ruins are the last remains of the Rajbari Fort of the Dimasa Kachari Kingdom.

Things to do in Dimapur Nagaland  - Visit the Kachari Ruins - The Gypsy Chiring
The Kachari Ruins of Dimapur near the entrance.

The Rajbari Kachari Ruins include pillars in three clusters in different corners of the campus. Each of these clusters of remains is protected by steel fencing.

Kachari Ruins History in Nagaland
One of the clusters of pillars

Among the rest of the ruins, the pillar clusters near the entrance are the most distinct.

We saw stone pillars standing upright while a few lying on the ground. The shapes of those pillars intrigued me the most.

Some looked like the chessman pillars or the mushroom domes. Engravings of horses, peacocks and wheels are found on the pillars. There were also some interesting square-sized pillars.

A photo of Kachari Ruins Nagaland in Dimapur
The Cachari Ruins of Nagaland

There is also a single pillar larger and tallest among the rest. Apart from the pillars and stone ruins, a pond is also present inside the campus.

Another interesting part of the historical site is the medieval brick wall constructed by the Dimasa Kachari King. The entrance towards this gate wall was closed during our visit.

Kachari Kingdom Wall in Dimapur Rajbari Ruins of Nagaland
The history that is left.

You can read this article on Historical Facts of Dimapur Ruins that precisely explains the Kachari ruins in Dimapur.

During our visit, the entire location was under repair and construction. Proper footpaths and cleaning work were going on.

Dimapur Kachari Ruins - Nagaland
The Campus of the Dimapur Kachari Ruins

Visit the Nagaland Science Centre

The Nagaland Science Centre is located beside the Kachari Ruins.

The entrance of the Nagaland Science Centre has a park for children to play along with some elements showcasing science-related structures.

We spent a few moments figuring out the experiments displayed at Science Centre.

At Nagaland Science Centre - The Gypsy Chiring
At the Science Center with Sammy & Esther

I believe the science centre in Dimapur can be constructed and upgraded to the level of the Regional Science Centre in Guwahati.

Nagaland Science Museum - Space Education Centre visit by The Gypsy Chiring
The Space Education Centre beside the main Science Centre

The main space centre was not open to visitors. We climbed the stairs to the roof of the building.

The Gypsy Chiring at Space Education centre of Nagaland Science Museum Dimapur
At the top of Space Education Centre in Dimapur.

We could see the campus of Kachari Ruins of Rajbari Fort from the roof of the space centre.

FAQs on Dimapur

How to reach Dimapur?

Dimapur is well connected by all means of transport. Dimapur Railway Station is the second busiest railway station in Northeast India. Dimapur also has a regional airport.

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What is Dimapur Nagaland famous for?

Dimapur Nagaland is famous for the Kachari Ruins, Hongkong Market and as the gateway to the rest of the districts of Nagaland.

Where can I buy traditional Naga attires in Dimapur?

In Dimapur, the Supermarket area has a number of shops that sell authentic traditional Naga attire. I have shared the details above from where I bought the attires.

Is Dimapur Worth Visiting?

Yes. Dimapur is a commercial and cultural hub of Nagaland. Go shopping for the best traditional and contemporary clothes, try local naga dishes and visit historical places. I would personally recommend exploring the place with a local friend to experience its true essence.

Where to Stay in Dimapur, Nagaland?

Find the best options to stay in Dimapur by searching below for your custom dates.


Among the list of the things to do mentioned above, I would highly recommend you to visit the Kachari Ruins and learn about its history.

You can also visit the large historical ponds – Raj Pukhuri Kachari Pond in Puranabazar & Dimasa Kachari King Pond (Padum Pukhuri) in the Naharbari area of Dimapur.

There are more places to visit in the newly formed districts bifurcated from Dimapur – Chümoukedima and Niuland. I had to confine my exploration to a few places that I could cover in one day in Dimapur.

I hope this article will help you plan your trip to Nagaland and add Dimapur too as a tourist place.

Share this article & help your friends and your family to plan the trip.

A photo showing the Kachari Ruins & Nagaland Science Centre in Dimapur - Things to do
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