9 steps to prepare your home to travel long-term stress Free

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Have you planned for a long trip? Or do you need to visit your relative’s family for a long time?

Then, along with yourself, prepare your home, too. When you leave your place and travel for a long time, you must consider a few things as precautionary measures to protect your home.

Many things can go wrong with the threat of water damage and the risk of intruders. But you can avoid it by following a few safety measures beforehand and knowing your home is in good hands. 

how to prepare your home to travel long term worry free - me on my motorcycle for a long travel trip
Ready for a long trip?

Below are 9 points you must consider to prepare your home to travel long-term

1. Empty the Fridge 

If you are planning to travel long-term, the first thing you need to do is empty your refrigerator. As the food will get rotten, finishing every item you have kept inside your fridge before leaving is best.

Otherwise, offer it to your family members, neighbours, or friends. Ensure that you unplug it for appliance safety, which saves you money on electricity bills. 

2. Turn off the Water Supply

Next, turning off the water supply in your home is a great idea. You won’t have to worry about leaks or flooding while away.

Also, a little plumbing leak can even lead to big problems in your home. Hence, it’s better to be safe and turn off the water before you leave the house.

To do this, find the location of your main water valve and turn it off; once you have turned it off, turn on the faucets that release any leftover water in the pipe. 

3. Control Your Lights          

Before you leave, turn off your lights; if you have a timer, schedule it to turn off and on promptly. It creates an illusion of someone’s presence. If you have installed lights outside, make sure to schedule it too.

Want to install the automatic light? Then, hire the Best electrician in Noida in India to provide quality results at the most affordable price range. These professionals are well-trained and offer doorstep services at your convenience. 

4. Prepare Your Home with the Right Security Features

Preparing your home with the right security features is essential for an extended vacation. Well, it solely depends on your home, whether it may be a non-factor. But, it adds a second layer of protection to fire space windows like a bar.

Also, installing the timers in it will reflect that someone is here in the home. You can even set timers to turn on a radio or set it to talk radio. People can differentiate whether the voice is authentic or coming through the radio.

You can even transform your traditional home into a smart one, setting up the camera, alarms, and good locks on all windows and doors. Thus, it aids in saving your home from intruders.  

A good CCTV camera that allows you to watch the feed on your phone is helpful too. I installed the following camera in 2022, before heading to my mountaineering course in Arunachal Pradesh.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Home Security CCTV Camera ready to be installed at home
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5. Alert Your Trusted Neighbours 

Inform your trusted neighbours about your absence so that they can keep an eye on your home.

Also, provide them with your house key so they can quickly enter your home if there is suspicious activity or an emergency.

6. Inspect and Repair any Leaks 

Turn off all taps and fix any leaks. Plumbing accidents are unpredictable, and they may flood your home.

When you aren’t out of your home for long-term travel, you cannot fix any leakage and avoid any possible damage.

Even a tiny leak may lead to severe damage if left unattended. Hence, fix the plumbing issues and turn off all the taps before you go to ensure peace of mind. 

7. Manage Mail and Deliveries 

When you are away, secretly use the postal services hold or forward options to store or redirect to a trusted address.

At the same time, inform all the service providers about your absence to avoid the accumulation of mail as it reflects the sign of an empty home.

Additionally, ask your newspaper vendors to stop it and suspend regular temporary subscription services to avoid visible vacancy signs.

For parcels or packages, use package holding services; otherwise, ask your friend or neighbour to collect them. 

These steps help maintain the appearance of an occupied home and prevent potential security risks associated with unattended deliveries and mail.     

8. Prepare Your Home for the Weather 

Before you leave, prepare your home for weather elements, eliminating the risk of damage when you are away.

If you detect any leaks on your roof or in the plumbing system, get them repaired before you leave.

If you reside in a rainy area, keep checking that your gutters are clear and your roof is in good condition. Also, check that your home is adequately sealed. 

9. Manage Your Home Utility 

Managing your home utilities is essential to controlling potential issues during long-term travel.

First, start unplugging all the non-essential appliances, as this aids in conserving energy and protects against electrical surges.

Using the timers for lights will help create the illusion of an occupied home; install surge protectors that safeguard your electronics from unexpected power spikes.

Turning off the main valve avoids leaks or flooding; drain pipes in cold climates prevent freezing and bursting. 

Also, adjust your thermostat setting to an energy-saving mode that maintains a temperature, preventing damage but not wasting energy. 

Final Words 

Preparing your home for long-term travel is essential to ensure safety and security in your absence.

Following the comprehensive steps outlined above can aid you in leaving your home confidently.

You must follow a few things, such as emptying your refrigerator to prevent food spoilage and turning off the water supply, which is considered the first step.

Also, managing the lights with time and installing all the modern appliances that allow you to handle them remotely is the perfect idea to set the illusion of your presence in the home.

Ensure your home is equipped with modern security, such as alarms, smart locks, and the best CCTV cameras, as they add a layer of protection.

Thus, implementing these strategies will allow you to relax and enjoy your time when you travel around the world.

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