10 Helpful Things to Carry for Desert Safari in Dubai Trip

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Are you confused about things to carry for Desert Safari in Dubai trip? If yes, you have come to the right place. This article will help you pack the right travel essentials.

Going on your first Dubai holiday is fun! But what might dampen the excitement is that you have arrived in Dubai without proper planning.

From water parks to malls, and desert adventure – Dubai has ample activities for leisure and fun. Planning a feasible travel itinerary and the things to do should be your priority.

Irrespective of the time of the year you wish to travel, you will certainly experience hot sunny days in UAE. Therefore, you must plan your desert safari in Dubai accordingly. It can be done in the morning or evening and also an overnight safari.

Here are a list of things to carry for Desert Safari in Dubai

1. Clothes

Linens and cotton clothes are your best buddies in the desert. Go for light-weight tops and trousers as per your comforability.

Long-sleeved, breathable loose tops paired with airy trousers in light, earthy or pastel colours are the perfect match to enjoy a day in the desert. It even shields you from the harsh desert sunlight.

Apparel made of synthetic materials will make you uncomfortable in the desert sun. It is best to avoid that.

Moreover, as a guest in the emirate of Dubai, you should dress modestly and not disrespect the local culture.

2. Shoes

Prefer wearing closed shoes as desert sand can get everywhere. Make sure you break in your new shoes that you have specially bought for your Dubai trip. Checking and wearing it beforehand will prevent you from having blisters.

The desert safari would require you to walk on dunes hence, keep those fancy heels away and choose a pair of comfortable sneakers or flat boots.

Wear socks even if the heat is extreme during the day as they can guard your feet against any injury, itching or insect bites during your excursion.

Keep a couple of pairs in hand and change them when you feel they are getting damp from sweat. 

3. Additional apparel

Add scarves and a light jacket to your travel checklist. These will come in handy during your experience. A scarf can be wrapped around your face to protect yourself from sand dust.

If you are staying on an overnight desert safari, a light jacket is handy as the temperature dips and the desert ambience is cooler at night.

4. Sunglasses

Invest in good, tinted, UV-protective sunglasses that completely shade your eyes.

Sand getting into your eyes will spoil all the fun. Therefore, it is necessary to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the scorching, bright sunlight and the sand.

Also, won’t you love clicking pictures and wearing stylish sunglasses?

5. A wide-brimmed hat

A good quality hat such as a Sombrero, Bucket Hat or Fedora will stay on your head even when the desert breeze blows.

It will protect your head from getting hot under the desert sun and help keep those headaches away caused by prolonged sun exposure.

6. Sunscreen

A good quality sunblock or sunscreen with high SPF is a must. Remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours if you sweat more after an adventure.

Like sunscreen, use a lip balm with SPF to keep your lips away from getting chapped and dry. 

7. Water Bottles

Keep a couple of water-filled bottles in your backpack and take a few sips at intervals during your trip. Staying hydrated in the scorching sun will keep fatigue and exhaustion away.

8. Portable Powerbank

Our phones have become our most relied-upon necessity in modern times and we lean on them for everything – be it maps or for taking a good Instagrammable photograph.

A portable power bank Mi brand 20000 mah
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During the trip, with constant capturing of photos, videos and uploading them online, there’s always a chance of running out of charge. A portable power bank will ensure that you do not run out of battery charge and enjoy capturing your memories non-stop.

9. First-Aid Kit

Pack medications you will need for your travels such as painkillers, medicines prescribed by your doctor, allergy medications etc.

A first-aid kid with bandages and antiseptic solutions should always be in your bag. Add wet wipes and hand sanitisers to your first aid kit as well.

10. Backpack

Packing lightly is one of the most useful tips you will hear from experienced desert safari Dubai travellers. Carry a lightweight backpack to carry the necessary items.

You should get an extra pair of clothes and shoes on your trip just in case you need to change after a long day in the desert. This is especially required for those staying in the desert for an overnight safari experience. 

In a nutshell

A visit to the deserts in Dubai will for sure be filled with adventure. However, you must remember to carry the essential travel items to have a hassle-free desert safari experience.

Adventure activities like dune buggy rides, camel rides, sandboarding, and quad biking – each become more fun when you wear the right clothing.

I hope this article has helped you decide what to wear and things to carry for your desert safari experience in Dubai. Apart from the thrill in the desert, sightseeing in Dubai trip can be fun too.

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