The 2nd Issue of Voyagers Voice Magazine is out! Featuring- the Bihu Festival of Assam, India.

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Voyagers Voice Magazine

Greetings Folks! I would like to share a piece of good news with you all. I have been working in collaboration with Voyagers Voice- An International travel magazine. It is a global community of travel networks comprising both travel bloggers and travel companies.

Started with a proposal on Twitter by Bontryp, and it progressed with a series of communications on the Slack platform and Zoom Meetings with bloggers and travel experts from different corners of the world.

The founders of the travel magazine- Voyagers Voice are Bontryp, Food and Travel, GD Travel Tips, and Italia Straniera. The magazine is a travel expression of travel, culture, and art from around the world.

Voyagers Voice Magazine
A screenshot of the Voyagers Voice website.

The first issue was published on the 1st of April, 2021 featuring stories from Greece, Bhutan, Portugal, Colombia, Cuba, and an interview with a travel expert Gary Davis.

The second issue of Voyagers Voice is already out on the 3rd of May, 2021.

It introduces you to the Spanish Art and Culture, the Bihu Cultural Festival of Assam in India, destinations in California, beaches of the Dominican Republic, the best Latin American Museums, and the reasons to love London more.

As a collaborator, I have contributed an article titled “Bihu- the essence of Assamese Culture” to promote the least explored northeast India by starting with the cultural festival of Assam- Bihu.

It also gives immense pleasure to include the photo of “Nohkalikai Waterfall” of Meghalaya as a cover picture of the 2nd Issue of the Voyagers Voice Magazine.

Read about the amazing Bihu Festival of Assam.

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Bihu, Voyagers Voice Magazine

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Awarded by Meghalaya Tourism, Joydeep Phukan is a travel writer & a certified mountaineer based in Assam of Northeast India. He is on his mission to travel offbeat India and share his stories and tips about culture, travel & adventure with you through The Gypsy Chiring Blog.

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know about Voyagers Voice magazine but it looks sooo interesting! And yeah, congratulations! I find it mega cool to be published in a travel magazine! Good job!


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