Raining Rainbows and the blue heart – An atypical village afternoon: Lakhipathar.

Surrounded by green forest cover and paddy fields, lies Lakhipathar 15 km from Digboi in Assam– where Asia’s first Oil Refinery was established. This short story is from my stay at my grandmother’s place.

📍 My location- Joipuriya Village, Lakhipathar. Source – Google Maps.
Lakhipathar, Digboi.
Paddy Cultivation in Lakhipathar. Photo: @thegypsychiring

Doing a bit of paddy work, I was returning home, when the most beautiful thing happened. I took the responsibility of bringing back the three cunning cows. Holding on to the tight rope, I pulled them so that they don’t run away. Their pull was hard enough for me to slip and slide along the mud. Perks of village life, I suppose! While the two rushed, the other slowed merrily grazing grasses by the little stream. We were at the middle of the huge stretch of paddy cultivation that connects the villages on either side.

The more I tried to rush, the slower she walked. Perhaps, it was because the energy around wanted me to halt for bit and enjoy the beauty around. As I turned back, I could see the rain pouring heavily, the clouds and the trees becoming one with the horizon forming a white veil of rain. A thick layer of the overcast clouds covered the sky. Between them was a heart shaped blue sky and a white cloud, precious and fascinating right? The sun and the rain unified to create the effect. Far way and high above, were two beam of sun rays piercing through the cloud. Adding to it, the green fields, the streams on both sides of the road, it was icing on the cake. The rain touched us only for a minute. At this point, the voice in my head knew a rainbow was imminent. As soon as I turned forward, the luminous rainbow appeared on either side with its arc into the clouds, gradually transforming from lighter to darker shades of VIBGYOR. The rainbow grew larger, each color being visible to my naked eyes. Now, imagine the egrets flying against the background of the rainbow, its flight above the green dancing crops and tiny droplets of rain on your body. Soothing right? In awe of its beauty, I rested in a squatting position with hands on my cheek and a smile from the soul, watching the rainbow the birds and all other elements which created the moment. It was as such, that the time had slowed down, and I could literally see everything in a slow motion – the flight of feathers of the egrets (bogoli), the jump of a couple of black-white birds landing on the field boundaries (Poka dhanor maje maje horu horu ali o horu horu ali….🎹🎼) and more. The clouds cleared and the sun brightened. Meanwhile the cows advanced far away towards home. With twenty minutes of pure happiness, I joined them too.

Conclusion: Beauty, contentment and happiness is everywhere, what one requires is a definitive perspective to connect and embrace it.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash.
I wish I had clicked the photos on that particular day, but then reading and imagining is worth it right?

Author: Joydeep Phukan

A passionate soul who loves traveling, trekking, hiking, adventure, nature, and cultures. An aspiring Mountaineer and a Blogger, Joydeep intends to share his world of happiness, love, kindness, travels, and culture through his authentic and soulful stories. His work has been published in The Assam Tribune, TourGenie Blog and Yatra Magazine.

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