Tokolangso Waterfall

Beautiful Tokolangso Waterfall| 7 Popular Waterfalls in Karbi Anglong,Assam.

Tokolangso Waterfall

Trip Date: 20th January 2018

Tokolangso Waterfall in Summer

Among all other trips, this turned out to be planned all of a sudden and was solely on coincidence. Being in Sarupathar (Golaghat, Assam) the previous day, I figured out that it takes just half an hour to reach Rongagora Village in Karbi Anglong. Coincidently my jirpo (meaning friend in Karbi language) John was at home. My exuberance to meet his family was at its peak, having met them the last in 2014.

Crossing the bamboo bridge on the Dhansiri river via Sarupathar, I reached Rongagora, a village in the Bokajan area of Karbi Anglong District in Assam. As we were riding through the villages, I could recall my last visit to Deopani temple through the same route.  Raising up his hand, John greeted me at the Rongagora School Playground. In the evening, I sat with his family around the fire talking about family and life. While I tried my best to understand Karbi, I realised I must learn the local tongue – Karbi properly. I could still connect to the love showered by his Mom and family. Such endearing moments with them felt like I was with my own family.

Sudden plans are the best indeed. Though I was about to leave for home the next day, John shared that he and his friends were planning to visit a newly explored waterfall not far from his village. Being an adventure lover, I immediately said yes. Waterfalls have always fascinated me. With the imagination of the picturesque waterfall, I went to slumber for the night.

Assembling at Sarlongki’s house in Balipathar Village the following day, we bought the necessary food items and started our journey on our individual motorcycles to the Tokolangso Waterfall. A ride through quaint villages, river streams, and curvy roads, we crossed a number of bamboo bridges to the golden agricultural fields beside the green hills. Only 3-4 houses could be seen and very dispersed towards the end.

Tokolangso Waterfall trail
The trail leading to the waterfall
Tokolangso Waterfall Trail
Into the woods

Crossing a few more bamboo bridges over the calm poised stream water, we ventured into the forest. Walking for about 10-15 minutes, we reached a rocky terrain where the beautiful Tokolangso Waterfalls flowed through the rocks and boulders down the stream. I felt like a dream or a scene from a movie where deep into the woods lie such enchanting waterfalls and the fishes jump out and into the water. Well, there weren’t any fish here though.

Tokolangso Waterfall in Winter
Tokolangso Waterfall in Winter
Let’s dive in

Embracing the chillness of the falling waters of Toko Langso, it healed our souls. It was winter, yet we felt the warmth of mother nature in the refuge of Tokolangso Waterfall. Among other waterfalls in Assam’s Karbi Anglong district, Tokolangso is one of my favourites.

Tokolangso Waterfall, Karbi Anglong
Euphoria it is!
The Tranquil Tokolangso
Tokolangso or Tokojan
The Tokojan stream

Karbi Anglong is blessed with diverse cultures and natural beauty. I am glad I have a friend there, whom I can call family. Staying with them and exploring together has enabled me to view life in the simplest and happy way.

Waterfalls in Assam
How to reach Tokolangso Waterfall
Tokolangso Waterall Friends
The Best Jirpos (friends)

Here is an article I wrote on 11 adventure destinations in Assam, which features waterfalls, mountains and a lot more.

Tokolangso Waterfall Travel Guide

Where is Tokolangso Waterfall Located?

Tokolangso Waterfall is located in the Toko Langso Village of Silonijan Tehsil in Karbi Anglong district of Assam. It is situated at a distance of 20 km from the nearest town Bokajan which is famous for its government-owned cement factory. The Toko Langso village is inhabited by the Kuki ethnic group of Northeast India. The name Toko Langso is derived from the Toko tree, the Karbi word Lang meaning water and langso meaning a river stream.

How to reach Tokolangso Waterfall?

The nearest Railway station is Bokajan Railway Station. Hire a cab or board a shared-cab from Bokajan or Sukhanjan to Balipathar. Shared cabs from Bokajan to Balipathar costs Rs 80. From Balipathar to Tokolangso Waterfall, you must hire a cab/autorickshaw which may cost up to Rs 600. Visiting with a local friend with a personal vehicle is an ideal option.

The road condition till the Tokolangso Waterfall from Balipathar has now been fully developed (cemented block bricks). Shops, waiting sheds and sitting arrangements are also available. One can park their motorbikes and cars at the designated parking spot near the waterfall for which they charge Rs 30 and Rs 50 respectively. Asking for directions from the local people to reach the waterfall on your personal vehicle will make it easier to reach the waterfall.

During our visit in 2018, we had to park our vehicles near the hills before the agricultural field and hike for 10-15 minutes to the waterfall. A lot has developed since then.

Local guides for visiting Tokolangso Waterfall

You may follow this travel guide to reach Tokolangso Waterfall. I would also suggest going with a local guide or a friend. Considering the remoteness of the place and the language difference, you might need someone who speaks either Karbi or Kuki dialect.

Do we need any permissions to visit Tokolangso Waterfall?

No special permissions as such are required.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Tokolangso Waterfall is July to September when the water flow is balanced. I went in the month of January 2018. The flow of the waterfall was less yet beautiful.

Covid-19 Restrictions 2021

Right now, inter-district movement is restricted. Curfew is imposed from 5 pm till 5 am in Karbi Anglong. Read more here.

Pins For Pinterest

Tokolangso Waterfall Pinterest

7 Popular Waterfalls in Karbi Anglong

Some of the popular waterfalls in the Karbi Anglong district of Assam are-

1. Kakochang Waterfall or Kaipholangso Falls

2. Di’krutpi Waterfall or Bheloghat Waterfall

3. Kangthilangso falls

4. Langvoku falls

5. Dikrutso Waterfall

6. Thai Apser or Thai Apsir Waterfall

7. Tokolangso Waterfall

P.S. On a personal note, I wanted to publish this article in the first week of June 2021. Unfortunately, four of our family members caught Covid-19. While Dad, Sister and I recovered, my Mom passed away due to post-covid complications on the 11th of July. It has been hard to focus on writing since then. Reading Nimsdai’s book Beyond Possible: One Soldier, Fourteen Peaks- My Life in the Death Zone has been helping me a lot to embrace the pain and move on.

Beyond Possible: The Man and the Mindset that Summitted K2 in Winter

Though I have written this article as a travel guide for future travellers, I appeal to everyone to travel only if necessary. Staying fit and staying home will ensure that we can explore more in future. Stay safe, folks!

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