Bamboo Trail Meghalaya, Mawrynkhang Trek

(MAWRYNKHANG) BAMBOO TRAIL MEGHALAYA Wanderlust is as such that having seen a photo on the internet, we can’t resist but visit the place; the charm and uniqueness draw us to it. Seen and heard enough, I travelled 16 hours from Duliajan till Wahkhen Whistling Village to witness the mind-blowing BambooContinue Reading


आज की शाम में कुछ अलग सा लुफ्तफा था- Ibrat is a very casual poem that traces a person’s mind from his failure to his success. It stresses on the fact that people and circumstances not be favorable always.Continue Reading

Tiger-man conflict poem

The poem is about an animal who lost his home to the human and came wandering to the human world and what happens next is heartbreaking. This poem is for the animals who have lost their innocent lives because of our foolishness. This poem is for nature.Continue Reading