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26 Most Adventurous Cities in the world | Travel Guide


If you love adventures & were wondering where to go for an adventure in the cities, here's a list of 26 most adventurous cities in the world. It include adventurous cities of Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Australia, Asia and New Zealand.
Scribbling, if I may say so…. article by Meenakshi Baishya

Scribbling, if I may say so….


Memories are rosier than reality, as said. We as human beings often tend to hover around our past. We keep on revisiting and replaying past memories on and off, over and over to keep alive the feel-good vibe.
Assamese Cuisines | 8 Ethnic Resturaunts in Guwahati

Cuisine Art of Assamese Communities : At a glance.

Food/Cuisines, Assam

Tupula Bhat (Sticky rice cooked in koupat i.e. Pyrnium leaf) is generally consumed by the Singpho, Ahom, Mising and Deuri tribes with side dishes Mati Mahor dail (Black Gram Dal), Guti aloo fry (baby potatoes fry), Posolar bhaji (Plantain Stem Stir Fry), Gahori Mangsor Jhul (Pork Curry) etc.
Dzukou Valley Trek via Jakhama in Nagaland

Dzukou Valley Trek Via Jakhama| Nagaland

Nagaland, Adventure, Northeast India

To learn, embrace, and to fill in the soul with everything the hike and the valley offer in its purest form was the motive. We avoided watching videos on Dzükou Valley on the internet. Uncertain and un-planned as we were, the day began in trying to figure out how to reach Dzükou Valley from Kohima.
6 Unique Places to Visit in India

6 Unique Places to visit in India

India Travel Tips

India is a country blessed with diverse topography and culture. From the Northeastern region of India to the southern state of Kerala, the landscapes allure you to have a beautiful experience during your travels. If you are planning to visit India, here are 6 unique places to visit in India. 
RYLA, Rotary Club of Shillong, RI 3240

My 1st Meghalaya Trip – RYLA in RRTC, Umran

Northeast India, Meghalaya

Two years later i.e. on 23rd April 2014, I set out to Meghalaya to attend another RYLA at the Rural Resource Training Centre (RRTC) in Umran of Ri Bhoi district, Meghalaya. What an experience it was! It was a place that I was travelling to for the first time and all by myself. It helped me explore the places that I had been hearing about since my childhood.
মৰমৰ আইতা

মৰমৰ আইতা – A letter to my Grandma.


A letter to my Grandma.. মৰমৰ আইতা, ভালে আছনে? বাৰিষাৰ বৰষুণে এইবাৰো চোতাল বুৰালে নেকি অ’..? আজি কিছু দিনৰ পৰা তোলৈ বৰকৈ মনত পৰি আছে। ...